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Fender Play free for 3 months

missis sumner

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Yeah, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone yet, actually, from a bass point of view.  I've got to the end of Level 2 and have learnt one thing - you can pluck double stops with two fingers, rather than finger and thumb...


I highly suspect the teachers are mostly guitarists, their manic counting, rather than feeling the groove points to this.  Apart from Ozzy, but he's just appeared on the drums...


The "songs" you can learn in the first two levels are highly simplified, and on the whole not very well explained (too much verbal instruction on string and fret and rhythm at the same time), unless you can read tab.



And I guess this is it.  All the lessons are aimed for you to learn to read tab.  They have tried to introduce rhythm notation, but it's still missing on the later tab.  For bass, this is a major let down.  Have it in the notation, rather than the silly and manical trying to count along commentary... just saying.

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Even on the guitar side, it's just not great... I've only tried it back when it was released almost like a year ago i think, but it's just not interactive, the information and tab are debattable at best, the video are nice but it's not much to find it enticing enough to pay monthly for it.

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Exactly.  There really is no musical education there.  Rocksmith is almost as educational, and much more fun, and accurate.


Still, it is nice to get free stuff, so may work my way through it - see if it gets any better?  Think I may also give them some feedback... 

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