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Easy 3 chord songs to learn.

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"Rocksmith is not really that chord friendly for beginners."


Rocksmith is not that beginner friendly FULL STOP!


They missed a real opportunity to segment the game into grades i.e beginner, level 2, intermediate etc.


Fire up a Radiohead song for example and get hit with C#sus4 chord shapes....and I'm just getting to grips with the 'E' shape lol 

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@@Ironmeister The whole dynamic difficulty setup they have is amazing for beginners, but that's not something CDLC does well. CDLC are not for beginner but Rocksmith used as the dev meant it to be works like a charm.

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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Yes, I agree that the DD works well most of the time. Maybe what I meant was the out of the total of say 100 songs, you had to achieve 50% mastery in this group of 20 beginner songs, in order to unlock the next 20 songs that are a little bit harder. Something like that was the idea I was referring to when I said they missed a chance to segment the songs. I don't find it particularly beginner friendly - and I know the CDLC isn't either (but it isn't supposed to be - and Rocksmith is supposed to be).

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