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  1. @firekorn Yes, I agree that the DD works well most of the time. Maybe what I meant was the out of the total of say 100 songs, you had to achieve 50% mastery in this group of 20 beginner songs, in order to unlock the next 20 songs that are a little bit harder. Something like that was the idea I was referring to when I said they missed a chance to segment the songs. I don't find it particularly beginner friendly - and I know the CDLC isn't either (but it isn't supposed to be - and Rocksmith is supposed to be).
  2. "Rocksmith is not really that chord friendly for beginners." Rocksmith is not that beginner friendly FULL STOP! They missed a real opportunity to segment the game into grades i.e beginner, level 2, intermediate etc. Fire up a Radiohead song for example and get hit with C#sus4 chord shapes....and I'm just getting to grips with the 'E' shape lol
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