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Suggestion: Don't clap on frethand mutes when clapping is enabled


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I'm trying to make sure my frethand mutes are in the right place, but they're mixed in with a stream of other 16th notes.


Do you think frethand mutes should clap since they're not exactly notes?




Also... do you want suggestions here with new topics for each suggestion or mixed in as posts in the main eof releases thread?

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It doesn't matter to me where suggestions are made, but the way the clap sound cue is meant to work is to trigger the sound at each note gem, which does include fret hand mutes. It may be easier to confirm the note timing if you play the chart back at a slower speed.

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Yeah, I do realize that the clap triggers on note gems, which is really beneficial when syncing notes, however, it ruins the purpose when your trying to sync mutes. I want to be able to hear the strum/mute pattern, and I think the best way to do this is to prevent frethand mutes from clapping. I'd rather not delete all the mutes, just so i can't hear them.


So, I'd like to suggest if you can add another setting/option to disable clapping on frethand mutes.

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