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Song crashes Rocksmith 2014 - possible reasons?


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First off I think you've got an old version of the toolkit, new ones don't put DD in the filename anymore since all songs need DD to work properly in remastered. So give it an update (update eof just to be safe too?)

It looks like it crashes when the DD levels up?


Yep something's screwed, not sure how this could happen tho

Ignore my windows update lol

Lets re-generate the FHP and DD to be safe.
There we go. Not sure how you killed it but it looks like you deleted the FHP?, in that case it should've generated them automatically?

Anyway Here's the eof project with the fixed song in there for ya, since I re-imported it you'll have to redo your chord fingerings tho.


If it happens again this is how I did it

go here

Then click delete all, and then generate. Then save it and check for any error messages

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