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Extended Range Instruments


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I have been reading up on what Guitars/Basses people own on here so i was curious does anybody else on here own an extended range instrument? (Bass with 5 or more strings) (Guitar with 7 or more strings).

I'll get the ball rolling, this is my Ibanez RG8 modified with Dimarzio D Activator Pickups.






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2 Lower i guess you'd call it but kinda doubled just an octave down, I play in a deathcore band so it's tuned (Low to high) DGDGCFAD so think your 6 string down a tone, the 7th is then drop tuned and the lowest is normally F# but dropped down to D keep the scales easier to play :)

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My primary bass for the last 8 years has been a 6 string. Prior to that it had been a Music Man Stingray I bought new back in '79, which I still own. But I always wanted to try to play a 6, so I started with an Ibanez SR506, but now only play that mostly when practicing, as it hangs in my usual practice room near my PC. But my main player for the last several years is an Ibanez Prestige SR1006 EBG that I bought new. I absolutely love the tones in this bass. It's my favorite sounding bass that I've played in the over 30 years that I've been playing. I mostly only play it out of the house when playing with others, but occasionally I use it when practicing too.






I also own a 6 String Douglas Fretless, a 5 string Variax 705 (very handy  for recording), and a 5 string SX Jazz fretless, in regards to Extended Range instruments.

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What a beauty, Pruitt1962! I'm lusting after a 5-string Prestige myself, but I'm holding off on the purchase as a "reward" for myself if I stick with playing bass long enough (I've been playing guitar for about 20 years, bass for one year, kicking myself for not starting sooner).


How do you like the narrower string spacing? My 4-string has the "standard" 19mm spacing, but I'm thinking I could use a slightly narrower one.

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Yeah, I love that bass. haha... I had those wooden knobs made custom to match the body wood. The stock knobs were an ugly black plastic. It's so much better looking now. Haha...


The only issue with the narrow spacing is it makes it tougher to slap on. But then again, even though I've been playing off and on for 34 years, I don't slap much, or well. Haha... Plus I have my '79 Stingray I can slap on. That thing is a slap beast in the right hands (not mine). lol :)


But back to your question, I played the Stingray pretty much exclusively for over 20 years, and it has much wider string spacing than the Ibanez SR 6 strings do. The difference between them has never really bothered me at all. I can switch between with no real problems. Plus the narrower string spacing on the 6 makes for easier chord playing. haha...

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