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Locked Go Playalong V 2.93


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I own version 3, (I suppose, because versions are not indicated anywhere)

and the software is activated by buying a licence key, which was valid for updates.


But versions later than 3 required buying a new licence key,

and I was uncertain if the export to EOF would still work.


Considering the price had more then doubled, 40€, and the upgrade price is 20€,

this developer follows a policy of constantly making his clients pay for little, non-obvious, and questionable improvements.


So I understand people who want to stay with the old version.

And the developer does not seem to support old versions.

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The only place to get Go Play Along legit, is from this website: https://goplayalong.sjv.io/c/1434133/411808/7375
Do note that clicking on that link, and purchasing from that link gives kickback to CustomsForge through our referral link.


If you want to read about our partnership, you can read the forum post made by Unleashed2k here: http://customsforge.com/topic/52964-go-playalong-partnership/

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