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RS Notes on fret board



I made an attempt at creating a CLDC and it's posted in the workshop section but my question is, when I played it to check it out the notes don't show up on the fret board as it's rolling toward you. I tried to follow the tutorials by snake and septic which are cool as shit but I have no idea what I'm missing. If you have an idea I'd greatly appreciate it would love to make more to help out the site.



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I really didn't see much wrong with your custom. If your talking about the chord strums that is normal.

RS will only show the new chords notes when there is a chord change. Check out chord strum in the link below.

If you referring to the small empty section in the last solo, if the notes show up in EoF but not in RS,

check to make sure they are not ghost notes. A ghost note will have a ( ) sign around the note fret number.



Also PM sent:

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