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Help me plan a vacation


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Not gonna lie, I can't plan a vacation to save my life.  I just don't have that kind of skill set/my brain doesn't get it.


My teenagers like being in the water, I think their favorite vacation ever was one where we booked them surfing lessons.  That was over in NJ and I was very concerned the whole time about them being that far out in the ocean (I tend to worry irrationally).


I though a lake setting may be easier on my nerves so I was considering a water skiing vacation for the kids and maybe a couple of their friends.  None of them have ever been water skiing so I thought their must be a 3/5 day camp or series of lessons I could take them to but my limited Google powers didn't yield much in the way of results.



Any water skiers in the group that may know of a decent destination that is rookie friendly?  I really don't care where it is as long as it is warm enough to be in the water as we would have to travel from Western PA regardless so Florida and Southern California obviously come to mind.  I also want to stay somewhere I can rent a decent, quiet place.  Having to use public facilities like bathroom and showers is OUT OF THE QUESTION.


Any thoughts?



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Hi AtGame7,


 I practice windsurfing and water skiing during my summer vacations in the South of France.


 For our last trip in Florida, we had planned to try the WaterSports Complex at Orlando (FL). However, we have not had time to do so.

 Here is the web site of this Complex : Orlando WaterSports.


 It may have other sites like this in the USA, but I don't know them (if someone else can help).


 What I can say about this kind of installation (same than in France) :

 - safe (lake, flat water, lifejackets, helmets, ...)

 - easier to learn than behind a boat

 - fun for teenagers and adults (kneeboard, waterski, wakeboard)


 If you need more informations about these watersports do not hesitate to ask ;)


Good luck

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If you care to go that far down, and you have never been there, Key West is one of my favorite vacation destinations. Wind surfing, skiing, diving, ect can all be done there. It's a very slow vacation where you can wander the shops and eat fantastic food or spend your days on the ocean doing those things.


Given what you are looking for, my suggestion is you look into KW.


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