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I have a weird one for you all.



This is really weird and I can't find a reason it would happen. I have approximately 1800 or so songs in my DLC folder both DLC and CDLC. I have two PCs I use to play Rocksmith. On in the house and one in the garage where my big amp etc are.

Randomly DLC and or CDLC files will just disappear from the folder as if they were deleted for instance on the PC in the house the Cranberries - Zombie is nowhere to be found yet on the PC in the garage there it is. Likewise, Chris Cornell - You know my name is also missing from the garage PC but on the one in the house. I have played these songs on the garage PC before but now they are Tango Uniform and MIA.

As a systems engineer I have checked the obvious, Not in the recycle bin, Event log shows no disk errors, no corrupted files or bad sectors on the hard disk.

Im baffled. Not a huge deal as I have all my songs backed up on an external drive and can copy them back to the DLC folder but was wondering if anyone had seen this behavior.

The one difference I have noted between the two installs is that the machine in the garage is using the default install path and folder locations while the PC in the house has multiple drives and the install directories are different. Not sure if Rocksmith checks these paths between machines though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm not an expert on this stuff at all, but a few reasons why this could be happening:


1. Maybe the computers think there are too many files in that one folder, so it begins removing some to make up space

2. Your computers may possibly have Cloud, or something similar, that is transferring the files over and not knowing what to do with them


That's just what I am thinking, but then again, I'm not the smartest with this stuff lol

Hope you figure this out!

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I have had this also. My solution is to put all CDLC's into a spare folder then place the ones i want to play into the game folder for that session.  It took some setting up as I have over 2000 songs and have now put them into sub folders of style and also have a sub folder for any new ones i download to check before moving them into there style folder.

It also helps the game load faster as its not reading all the songs every time it starts up

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