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Guitar to PC recording


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Hey guys, this could be a stupid question but please bare with me.


I'm wanting to record myself playing some stuff on guitar as I feel it'll help me improve. (I sometimes struggle to hear my guitar over the actual parts in Rocksmith)


Now, normally I'd connect my guitar to the pc via a cable with connects directly to the line in and the other end, obviously, goes to the guitar. However, you really don't get very high levels doing it that way so recording is pretty much impossible.


What I'm wondering is, could I connect that cable into the 'Output' jack of my amp, connecting my guitar to the amp as usual and using the amp as a sort of middle man? I could always try, but I thought I'd ask before I risk damaging any equipment

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Depends what the "output" jack on your amp is.  If it's line level or pre amp out then it will be fine, if it's the output meant for a speaker then I wouldn't bother...


Presumably you have a mic connected to your pc?  Why don't you just play through your amp and record using the mic?


Or record yourself using a webcam?


Audacity is free and can record audio on your PC.


Also, it is possible to record from your Realtone cable.  There are many ways to do this.  Again, Audacity will record from your Realtone cable.



I would go get (free):






And try to set up recording your guitar into Audacity through your Rocksmith (Realtone) cable.


Or go the easy way and just record using a mic into your pc.





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Your can get a 1/4" to 1/8" adaptor to run your guitar cable directly into the PC's mic jack.


Although you should also be able to use the adaptor to run a lead from the amp's line out into the PC's line -in , this would let you use the amp as a preamp, which should work better. Just watch your levels (on the soundcard).


I prefer using a dedicated audio soundcard, running the guitar through a mixer. But these days, you can get a breakout box that will do it all -- preamp + analog/digital conversion. It depends on what kind of sound quality you're looking for. Some of them go for pretty cheap, especially used.

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