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Anyone in here use Guitar pro a lot and are pretty good with it? Because I'm completely lost and don't know what I'm doing. lol. 

I'm basically trying to create this tab: https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/chthonic-legacy-of-seediq-tab-s415982t1

Into Guitar pro, but I keep running into problems. I keep getting a pause at the end of a bar, and it doesn't keep playing smoothly like it should. it might have something to do with time signatures, but no matter what, I always get a pause. 

Or anyone know any good tutorials that would help me better understand how to use guitar pro? 

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@MetalDevil I'm not sure if you need an account to download from there but it is a bit weird.


You need to go to submit new revision and you can download from there by clicking on the weird number.gp5 or by clicking download. It depends if your on new or old songsterr.


Knowing how to use guitar pro is pretty useful to making customs. Its not too hard, I learnt it by just screwing around so I don't know any good tutorials tho. Maybe this helps a little but its a bit basic, try looking under "Notes, Rests and Their Values" and "time signatures".


Pausing at the end of a bar means there's not enough notes or the notes are not long enough. You cant just enter the notes you need to enter their duration as well, the note duration is represented with the lines under the tab.


Since the song's in 4/4 its not a time signature issue, time signature is how long/short a bar is.


Although now you can just download the tab this is probably useless lol

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Naw, thats still useful. I might try to make more. Although I can't pull 70 bucks out of my ass to buy guitar pro right now, I'm just using the trial version for now.

But now I'm having the problem where the music does not line up at all, and the notes are totally off in EoF. So far, its proving a huge pain in the ass to move them around one by one to line it up with the sound of the guitar. tried to select all and move it around, but its still way off.

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@@MetalDevil you should not move the note one by one but instead adjust the beatmap in EOF to fit with the tempo of the song.


I cover this partially in my tutorial which can be accessed by clicking "Create CDLC" at the top and i put link toward a few more complete tutorial on the subject.


Note that even if you have a tab, you can always play around and do modification to it in Guitar Pro if you desire which can help to get acquainted with the interface and logic of it all more easily than trying to copy something without many knowledge on some of the notation which can end up being more guess work than anything.

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