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Musescore to GP5


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Roit lads this took me a while to figure out, I did it once before but forgot how to and this new method is better. So in case I forget I thought i'd put it here and it might help someone else. There's no direct guitar pro support for muse score so you have to work around.


There are 2 ways I got this to work one only requires muse score 3 (has to be 3 since the xml format is slightly different) and gp5/tux guitar. And the other requires GP6/7.


First way is open in musescore export midi and import into gp5/tux guitar/eof. However this kills the note positions and imported bass as a guitar for me. So its not the best method if you don't want to fiddle about transposing notes and fixing everything.


The better way, open the song in muse score export as a compressed music xml (.mxl), import into gp6/7 (since gp5 and tux guitar don't support the xml format) and export as a GP5. This keeps the notes in the same positions and everything is good.


This is probably common sense to a lot of people but it was bloody annoying to figure out and I had to install GP6 since gp5 dosent support the .mxl


You can open the mxl in win rar to extract an uncompressed xml but importing into gp5 creates a strange thing, its got the tracks but its far too short and the notes are werid.


Anyway if you manage to find a better way I'd love to hear it since its probably how I did it before lol.


Also, musescore to ultrastar converter (need musescore 2 for it to work)


Edit, nah I'm an idiot just download music xml and open in gp6/7.

if you need to use gp5 don't use midi since its midi import is pretty bad.

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