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Chord pull offs


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So, here's something I've trying to do for a while. It's a simple pull off from a B power chord (2nd fret A string and 4th fret D string) to an open A string and 4th fret D; the song I'm creating does this twice in a row. However, no matter what I do it just doesn't register in the chart. I've tried marking both with handshapes (which causes it to ignore the open A, 4th string D double stop), I've tried using tech notes, but nothing seems to work.



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You only need that : https://imgur.com/Rhm7QsG


Adding handshape is just florishes that aren't necessary.


No, it's not an open string it's open A and the 4th fret D, so you're fretting a B power chord, pulling off to an open A string with your first finger whilst keeping your third finger in place, whenever I do it the way you've shown then it displays as an open A and the note on the D string gets notated as a pull off

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@@Yojimbo1989 but that's the thing the 4th fret on the D doesn't change so there's no point in indicating it again.

You can add a handshape to the po open A to indicate that the 4th fret on the D should still be fingered but that's it.

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