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An unusual guitar technique


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So, currently I've got a whole library of partially complete songs, one of them is "Break Free" by "Satan". In the tab there's a bit in the solo which sounds like tapping, however, inspection of some live footage shows that it isn't strictly speaking tapping. What he's actually doing is reaching over and fretting the guitar with his picking hand and then reaching under and performing some pull offs with his fretting hand (3:06)




Anyone have an idea as to how I should notate this in the game? Do I mark it as tapping or as legato? I'm just concerned that if people play it they're going to be a bit stumped by how to play it


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IMO, i would use the tapping indication on the low fret and use the ho/po (legato) on the highest. It will be confusing for sure but it's more likely to be the most accurate representation of what is done.


At this point there's maybe a few stuff i would try out with handshape to try to indicate how the lowest fret is barre with the picking hand but RS limitation might make it a bit weird so only trial and error can help you figure out if it makes sense when actually playing it.

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