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Removing Handshapes and Sections/phrases


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Probably a stupid question with an obvious answer, but how do you remove sections and handshapes. I'm very nearly done with my first set of songs, but in adding a handshape to polish up the CDLC it now crosses over into a different section which is causing EoF to complain. I've tried looking around for an option to remove handshapes and sections but with no luck.

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Handshapes will appear as light blue rectangles in the piano roll. You can remove one handshape by selecting a note in the handshape and using Note>Rocksmith>Handshape>Remove. You can remove all handshapes at once from a track by select any note in the track and using "Note>Rocksmith>Handshape>Erase All".


You can remove a section marker from a beat by clicking on the beat in question ( --> ) and then using Beat>Events>Events to bring up the list of text events on the beat, ensure the one called "[section SECTION_NAME]" is selected, click the Delete button and click Done. Going into File>Preferences>Preferences and changing the "Top of 2D pane shows" setting to one of the two options including "RS sections" will make it easy to see which beats are the beginning of a section. The section names will display with white text and will include a number to indicate which instance of the section it is (ie. "intro 1").


Instead of looking for sections one at a time, you can also bring up a list of all of them by using "Beat>Events>All events" and change the radio button option to "RS sections". The list will then show the timestamp of each section, the letter 'S' to indicate that the event is a section marker, and then the name of the section itself. You can delete the event directly from this list or you can click the Find button to seek to it in the chart so you can manually review/delete the event.

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