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Pre-bends in EoF



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Thanks for that, could I also use tech notes to notate pull offs within chords? There's a song I'm doing which has a B power chord on the second fret of the A string, which pulls off to an open A. Also what about slides without a proper end position? There's quite a few songs I know where there is a slide that doesn't really end on a specific note, it's just there as a sound effect, could I use tech notes there?

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I'm not the best with making customs, but i hope this helps:

For the chord pulloff, i'd be personally using handshapes to notate chord-pullofs, so you have the initial chord, then the notes it's pulling off onto is notated through handshpes, while also using the pulloff marker.

As for the slides, if you just use the build in slides and just set an end position, it will look fine. This does depend on how you want your slide to look though. If your song has a set end for that slide, i would use a normal slide (CTRL + Up/Down) However if you're sliding from the (Lets say) 12th fret, and it goes to the 1st fret in the timing of an 8th note, i would personally use an Unpitched slide, otherwise Rocksmith won't detect it very well, and it looks quite bad in game too. (CTRL + U) In both these instances, it will bring up a box asking you for the ending note, in the pitched slide, you want that number to be the fret you're landing on, however on unpitched slides, (For the sake of this let's use the same example) If we were going from 12, i would have the unpitched go to 7, as it makes the slide a lot more readable.


I hope this tiny guide helped you, and i'm sure if there's anything else you need we'll be more than happy to help

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~R.I.P Daisy Duck and Paddy~

We'll all miss you.

<3 <3 <3

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