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Need feedback on my latest CDLC


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Hi all,


I'm still working in parallel on different CDLCs and feel like I learn a bit more every time, not only on CDLC creation, but also guitar playing (learning how things work makes me realize lots of things)


Last time, firekorn gave me precious advices, and I wonder if someone would be kind enough to test my latest upload and give me some more.


Here is the link (Familiar Taste Of Poison by Halestorm)


A few things:

  • As I wrote in the description, the Bonus track is just for fun, that's the vocal part I wrote to sync the lyrics. I know it's a bit weird, but I kinda like to play it, even if it's definitely not meant to be played on guitar

I wonder if it would work singing it on a microphone [of course using the same octave]

Probably not, or at least it would be far from perfect as it's not been designed to


  • Bass is in Drop C... That's super low, but I'm confident it's how it's supposed to be played, and the sources usually agrees with it
  • On the Lead part, I switch between the arpeggio (which represents 90% of the song to be honest) and the riffs. I just don't want to leave this track almost blank
  • It's the first time I've added phrases in a DLC, comments on this specific topic are super welcome
  • I know there's already this song in the database, but I think my version is so different it deserves its place
  • For some reason, that song gives me goosebumps, so I'll be grateful if you can help me improving it, it's quite simple but I really enjoy it
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Just played the lead arrangement; good work.  The tablature is good, but there's an A Major bar chord around 2:43 that is a bit conflicting (sounds minor).  Check out other tabs or use your ears and make a decision how to transcribe it.


Check out 2.2.1 Handshape Sustain



A break in the sustain helps the player realize they are switching chords.  A nice and easy update, just click on the last strum of a chord and mouse scroll up/down to change how long the sustain is.  Play an official song and notice the highlighted lanes have breaks when changing chords.


Though not necessary (no notes are crammed together) you might like upping the scroll speed a bit, maybe from 2.0 to 1.7

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Thanks so much @@Rockfirstlast!


I checked in Transcribe! and you were absolutely right about the A minor, that's now fixed


I didn't realize for the Handshape Sustains, not only did I add the breaks but I also extended the end of handshapes, as I saw it's done on official DLCs, this last part is more a detail, but it's still a nice improvement.


I made a pass on every track and uploaded a new version, let me know if you have any other comment :)

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