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"other" tunning



Hi, Im new to all the cdlc stuff and not sure how it all works but i wandering why some songs tuning shows up as "other" and then does not display the tune in the song selection screen, when playing I like to limit my tuning so I usually play songs by tune, so Ill play songs in E standard then re-tune in drop D and play songs then re-tune again and so on so i was wandering why they dont show up in game and if there was a possible way to fix this thank you.

Also Im kinda new to forums so Im sorry if this is explained elsewhere or if Im in the wrong section.

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@@cozy1 You are wrong. Ingame songs will appear as customs tuning if they aren't a tuning that is listed there no matter what is set in the toolkit : https://i.imgur.com/XUIUaBa.png


That's the only tuning that RS will name, any other tuning will just be name as "custom tuning" in game no matter what but the order in when sorting by tuning is still working as designed for all the other tuning (B std songs will be below the C std etc...).

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@@firekorn - My experience is:


1) Yes has to be known in game (see your list) and here comes the trick

2) regardless what is set in the toolkit (which is needed for the song to work at the right tuning) the tuning shown is the tuning set in EOF!!!!! so when the right low tuning is not set in EOF but in the toolkit you get that annoying "other tuning"

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