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Ignore function -- Ignore all?


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So the custom I'm working on has a long passage where trying to chart accurate tab is pretty near impossible -- I'd like to set this area as kind of a freestyle zone where the player doesn't have to worry about getting misses and can just have fun jamming with it.


I've learned there's an ignore function that sets it so Rocksmith won't pay attention to certain notes. I suppose I can go through the whole section and set each chord/note to 'ignore', but is there a function that will allow me select the entire section and apply 'ignore' all at once? Is 'ignore' only available through the N menu?

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The ignore toggle works great. Although I'm wondering if it's possible to ignore specific notes in a chord? It seems like I can only ignore the entire chord.


But there's a catch when using the ignore function -- if any notes are set to ignore, Rocksmith lowers the Mastery -- so it's impossible to get 100% mastery. And with the song I'm working on, I set so much of it on ignore that the mastery maxes out at 35%!

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If you want to ignore some but not all notes in a chord, you'll probably have to use tech notes with ignore status. Tech notes let you apply any technique/status to individual notes in a chord.


Ah, yes, I forgot about tech notes.

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