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CDLC Songs Not Playing





My CDLC songs will not play. The songs appear as options to play, but when I try to start a CDLC song, it tunes my bass and then the screen sits on the speaker loading screen waiting for the fretboard to pop up but it never does. Regular songs work fine.


I have replaced the dll file with the Rocksmith Remastered dll found here: http://customsforge.com/topic/33138-rocksmith-remastered-cdlc-fix/


Idk what the problem is. I haven't played this game in a while. I just finished law school, so I was going to get back into it. I installed the game and cdlc successfully in like 2015. Then when I tried to do it today it didn't work. The game would launch but I would get some sound initialization error. I found a ini edit fix for that. Then after that, I tried to play cdlc and it did not work. I then saw that a new dll had been put out and so I tried replacing my current dll with the one from the link above. That is where I am at now.


Here is a link to an album of photos of what I am working with: http://imgur.com/a/vEBuM


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I just need to reinstall the entire thing and do a clean install. Could having old songs from like 2015 be the problem?

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@@lobsterwithcrabs Seems like Rocksmith is far from completely download (or you are in the wrong folder) cause there should be a lot more files in the root folder.


I would first use steam to verify the integrity of the game files and it'll probably download everything that is missing.

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ok cool, ill have steam make sure everything is downloaded. I havent really touched this since 2015, so that could be why files are missing. 


I don't really know why my songs are where they are, but they had worked in the past being at that location, and they are still being detected in game and the song clips still play when you hover over a song. But obviously something is not right and it feels strange that they are in the location where they are currently located. Where should I move the songs?

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Oh ok, so this is weird, the root folder is on another hard drive. So to save room on my main hard drive I have like all of my steam games installed on another internal hard drive. For some reason all of my games are there and that rocksmith folder is there on D:, but then on C:, my main hard drive, steam has another folder for Rocksmith (but for no other steam game which I have installed) which is actually the root directory.


Here is what this C: directory looks like: https://i.imgur.com/wKtFcTz.jpg


It's really weird because these folders are obviously interacting in some manner because editing the ini file in the D: folder allowed me to be able to start up the game yesterday when I was getting a no-audio glitch upon starting the game. 


I will replace the .dll file in the actual root directory in steam and report back.


If the CDLC is still not working, I will try putting it in the dlc folder, but in their own subfolder. I think I read on here thats where the songs are actually supposed to go. 

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Replacing the .dll in this C: directory, which was the actual root directory, worked. The CDLC works find being loaded from their weird location on my D: drive. My whole setup is confounding to me, but it works haha.


Here are the songs working: http://imgur.com/a/PBWyb


@@firekorn Thank you very much man. You do so much for this community. Thank you for helping out with my stupid problem. 


@@MaZtoR Thank you as well.

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