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100% Bug Question.




I recently upgraded to the remastered version and I got everything working.

I used the CFSM and scanned all my songs.

I notice that it seems to take some of the quality of sound after the fix.

I trouble shooting my originals and I notice that not all songs are affected by the 100% bug.

Now I'm going through each song and separating them. At least this way those songs will remain the same. I made sure to make a backup copy of all my originals. 

Is it me, or is not all songs are affected by the 100% bug?


Thanks for your time and help.

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@@Shawn You're right, not all CDLC have the 100% bug because it was an issue within the toolkit that caused this bug after the remastered update. So people that makes CDLC with the latest toolkit won't create CDLC with the 100% bug. One easy way to filter it out is that any CDLC older than or not updated in the last year will have that issue. For the rest it's a bit variable cause it seems like a few users didn't updated the toolkit in quite some time and still put out buggy CDLC...

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Customs that are made with a really old version of the toolkit (v2.2 I think) also may not be affected. And if an arrangement doesn't have any chords, it won't be affected by the mastery bug regardless of the version of the toolkit used.

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