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Yellow Beat Lines, and Strange Note Editing

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I don't know what button I pressed, but yellow lines appeared on the beat marks in my editor, and whenever I grab a note, the 'hitbox' for the note is strange. I'll have to move my mouse sometimes off the note to grab it. I can also only move keys to the beat using the bracket keys, as well as manipulating the note trails, I can only move it to a beat marker. I tried a fresh install, by replacing my EoF with the base version of it, but nothing really changed. Thanks for any help.



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@@Cat With A Mustach - Grid lines display as yellow lines when you have the "Display Grid Lines" setting (Shift+G) turned on. So it sounds to me like you have that turned on with a grid snap setting of 1/4. That seems like it would explain everything you're seeing in the picture you posted (the yellow beat lines, the red ticks for notes that aren't on beat lines, the weird selectability of notes).

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