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New AMP for Christmas but I Need Some Help.


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So I got a Fender Rumble 15 to use with my bass and Rocksmith.  I've looked at the posting on Reddit


and I've searched on here but I'm a tad confused. I have the PC version of Rocksmith and mostly listen through headphones as it disturbs the house if others are home and I use the PC speakers. What I want to achieve is hooking up the AMP using the DI box and cable mentioned in the Reddit post to my PC and being able to hear the AMP and Rocksmith through my headphones. Is this doable ?


If so, what would I need to do that?


Thank you for your help.

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I used a Y splitter for quite a while until I got an amp with a line out. There should be no way it could damage the computer or the cable, and yes, I am a pro at electronics.


Only down side is you can get a 60 Hz ground hum depending on what is plugged into what ground (or if you're on a laptop, having no ground on the computer). It is generally not so bad you'll go crazy from it. Just annoying.

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Ground hum? Get a ground loop isolator then (see other posts about it on these forums)..

About a fiver from ebay.. I have 2 of them. Superb - cuts out all background hum! :)







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