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Fanned Frets


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I'm also on that topic for some weeks.

You may watch this.



The advantages are that the lower strings are longer.

This gives the lower B-String more tension, in general string tensions are better balanced,

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Thanks for the vid! Really like the looks of that guitar,,(the Ibanez he,s playing,,that,s what i,ve been looking at))

4th finger on my fretting hand always wants to curve in too much,,,having those fanned frets looks like it would be easier to reach with 4th finger...I,d imagine if it was tuned standard,,the 7th string would just be tuned to a lower bass ????

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@@spacey7 In standard tuning the 7 strings is in E std plus the low B that is the seventh string (so BEADGBe from low to high).


Fanned fret also allow for a better intonation all along the fretboard with extended range (more than 6 strings) and many user have reported that it actually doesn't make chord harder like many expected but it does requires a little bit of adaptation if you are a long time user of standard fret.

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