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I have a suggestion regarding where mastery bug does its conversion. I recently rebuilt my pc with one samsung 950 NVME drive as my boot drive where only windows and programs are installed , I have another SSD an 850 pro with all my games installed and where i also installed CSFM to , this is where i expected the bug fix conversions to take place .

 However as you can see from the screen shot that is not the case.


While this is ok for people with a standard hard disc or just a few dozen cldc , having 15 gigs of cdlc that it is moving from one ssd to another then back again.

So we could do with a little more control over where the temp folder is located, namely the same drive as the install itself.


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The conversion takes place in the 'current user//Local  Settings//Temp' folder or equivalent location depending on OS.  Temp folder is cleaned up when finished.   But then you prob knew that.  I'll put your request on the TODO list.


Just another FYI files are copied no matter what temp folder would be used.  So is what your are saying is that file transfer between two SSDs is slower that than file transfer on the same SSD?  Interesting.  Know I know why not to buy multiple SSDs.  Moral of story is to put it all eggs in one basket (SSD).  Good one.

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It was not an issue of speed of transfer it was more SSD degradation that i was concerned about. You see none of the files were stored on my C: drive but they was being transferred to a temp folder on the C: drive from my game drive for the conversion then being transferred back again. 
I understand the need to have them be copied while being worked on , I just would have preferred that I had some input as to where that location was as i have a standard HDD installed along side my M.2 drive and SSD.

Guitars: ESP LTD F-54 Bass, Tanglewood Curbow4 Bass, Stagg BC300-N Bass, Yamaha BBN5bk (5String), ESP LTD AX-360, Plus a cheapo no name acoustic

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