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A small bug for songs that start with "A ..."

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I was working on "A Tale That Wasn't Right" and noticed that the title sort was changed to "Le That Wasn't Right, A". A little bit further testing seemed to be that it always removed the first two letters of the word following "A". Also, If the song name was just "A b" it would throw an error that startIndex is larger than the length of string. Same goes for artist sort.


If I had to guess, the code for dealing with titles beginning with "The ..." was repurposed but wasn't modified to deal with "A" having two fewer letters.


Also, just on a broader note, is this in keeping with official practice? I don't think I have any DLC by "A ..." groups (A Day to Remember, A Flock of Seagulls, and whatever else there may be), and I don't think any official songs start with it. But it might be slightly confusing if the ODLC and CDLC are forced to sort to different locations.

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