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Invert RocksmithtoTab output.


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Its a silly question I bet, but for sake of being consistent, is there a mod that can keep the "rocksmithtotab" output as Rocksmiths default (EADGBe) with low E on the top... 


Also, is it possible to have the strings "colored"? I'm just wondering if anyone has done that mod... 


or would you know what files to edit in the source for myself to do it? 


Thank you. 

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Alternatively you could be consistent with hundreds of years of music notation convention which has higher pitch at the top and lower pitch at the bottom. All you need to do is invert the string display in Rocksmith.


It will make it much easier in the future when you move on to more than Rocksmith.

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the RStoTab app just gives you the tab of any RS songs.

If you want to invert them you'd need a mod for a Tab ediditing software (Guitar Pro or Tux Guitar)

Why do you want to learn to read inverted tabs? It makes more sense to learn it the traditional way and better invert the strings in Game like Flibbs said. With time you can read all tabs without the need of any mindless mods.

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