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need a good toolkit help

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hi i know i ask many question. but... we all start somewhere...

i ¨ready" to pack my first song


but i'm lost a little bit.


i ask a question about WWise  and someone tell me i do not need it with the latest version of toolkit...


but i do not found where the .xml file is suppose to bo located.....


in tone  where i can found it ? ( i have create few tone in rocksmith....)

and how i asing  each tone to each section ?



DLC key i write the DLC number ? for smashing punkins ?



if someone can help me in french it will be a way better for me



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@@wagonmike, get latest eof, delete pld one of you've got one, now, load your nots.eof, and save your file with ctrl+s,
look in folder with notes.eof for any.xml files, those you should use with toolkit, but keep in mind that xml file should have RS2 in it's name. to get eof, look here, DL main version and apply hotfix over it: http://ignition.customsforge.com/eof

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