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Starting to Enjoy Bass



With the 100% bug, I have been trying to avoid using "Learn a Song" with guitar as I don't want to fill my profile with false 100% achievements.  So I have been using Score Attack instead for guitar.


However after reading some posts about Bass not being affected as much with the 100% bug as most songs don't use chords with Bass, I tried 'Emulated Bass' mode for the first time.  This is after having RockSmith for two years with hundreds of hours on guitar.  In all that time, I never even thought to try the bass path.


I loaded up a few songs and was really getting into those Bass grooves.  On a lot of songs, it is much easier to score higher on the bass than guitar.  Of course, then I tried a Red Hot Chili Peppers song.  Not so easy, as expected -- bow down to Flea!


Maybe time to buy a bass guitar?  Hmmmm....

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Having never played any sort of instrument until 2 years ago i bought myself rocksmith 2014 and a lead guitar and after many tries i realised i could not get the coordination/between the fret board and picking hand with that many strings so i bought a bass instead ha ha , 2 years later i have half a dozen bass guitars , i keep telling the wife they must be breeding with the lights out but i don't think she is buying it.
I still struggle with chords but that is just more finger stretching as the stretch is a lot further between the frets on a bass.

I even impress myself sometimes with the playing :)

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Guitars: ESP LTD F-54 Bass, Tanglewood Curbow4 Bass, Stagg BC300-N Bass, Yamaha BBN5bk (5String), ESP LTD AX-360, Plus a cheapo no name acoustic

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