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Bass tuning B E A D

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Thank you for the Queensryche!

My SG won't do B either.  C is the lowest it will go.  You may want to consider using 5string strings if you really want B, but you may have to carve into your nut, which isn't fun or easy.  I have done it (not on the SG), and don't recommend it.  You can get a cheap five-string for less than it would cost you to repair your nut again on a nicer instrument.

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@@slayerad2000, sometimes low tning for guitar is badly recognised with 9's or 10's so you recuired a bith thicker strings, as for bass you may need check your intonation and make sure it says A220 at tuning screen and that bass fix is rea;;y there by checking tuning strings value (-5 for whole thing) also you should do arrangement in eof that way, for 4 string downtuned, 5 string may be issue as I'm not clearly sure it will work w\o issues in game , you should play it from guitar path..( I just played one custom with notes on green string at 5 string bass, um that was like lightning notes and I couldn't hit them.. someone placed it as regular bass)


Summ it up
1: chart correctly in eof
  a) 4 string bass should be in right pitch and you may set 7 for a tuning(for bead tuning)

  b) chart it as 6string bass and figure the rest I'm not clearly sure and won't investigate albatross may have tutorial for this :P

2: add your 4 string bass to the toolkit and set pitch to bass arrangement as 220 (also make sure it's tuning is 7 all way up (octave compensation for pitch change)
3: pack up your custom with "Generate"
4: check ingame is it says correct string names and pitch (bead and 220Hz)
5: play it

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