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I stopped plugging into rocksmith and just use a amp and YouTube vids


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I have rs2014 on the ps4 so I can't really import songs but just watching and playing along on YouTube is a lot better no load time, sounds way better.

So I was wondering if some one could put these songs on there you tube channel I am looking for right handed bass tracks with what ever tuning it's in when it just says custom I dont know what that is eadg 440 or what ever it is.

Here is my list

Korn all of it with turnings

Metallica eye of the beholder just the bass

All of in justice for all

Limp bizkit 3 dollar bill, significant other, hot dog flavored water.

I can only find like 3 vids and they suck I hate the guy who puts his couch behind the music track.

Vampire weekend


green day all of it I found most of it. But if it was all in one play list

Slipknot with turning

Rhcp all of blood sugar sex magic


Chevelle with tuning

So if you know where I can find them or you want to make them for the bass players of the world please let me know where to find them I will play them through my amp

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I too prefer to plug into my amps and my own effects.  You can get a buffered splitter and mute the guitar or bass in Rocksmith.  I'm using a saturnworks splitter and get very little noise unless Im running really high gain or near max volume.  Check reverb or etsy, they usually run about 40-50 bucks.

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I did this as well because I had Rocksmith on Xbox One..  Let me help you out here..  I would run RS2014 in the background and just tweak the amp settings, and save them to a tone stick, and play to youtube vids on my tablet I was running into my TV with an HDMI Converter.. lol Talk about Improvising..  


All the songs you wants, and 50 billion more you don't see on youtube such as As I lay Dying - Defender.. are on the CDLC for download.


If you'll literally go to www.g2a.com and spend 10 bucks to get a CD key, you can then download steam, and it will install the game for you.  Thus allowing you access to ALL the songs, without having to jack around with multiple settings..  I'm so much happier I don't have to fidgit with 50 freakin tones, and not only that.  I get ALLL the songs that aren't on youtube..   Its worth it man just spend the 10 bucks.

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