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My CDLC don't work

Don Ismah


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Without any information, it's impossible to know what's going wrong and could be a lot of things that would mess up a CDLC. Either detail stuff or simply give us access to the file you use to create the cdlc and we can figure out if it's the file or the way you build the CDLC with the toolkit that leads to the error.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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Hallo meine deutsche freund! 

The game don't crash, but the CDLC don't work too.

Don't remember EoF warnings.

Excuse my ignorance, but  what's the mentioned FHP?

And the archive who you share don't work...  :cry: 
But I download other CDLC's who not worked too.  :cry: ² 

I've a new suspect...
What is the lastes game version?
My is the v165.260519 (buy the pack cabe+game in a game store, never updated it).

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I cannot play the game just now to test it, I thought my .psarc would work.


Maybe you did not use "Set Table Granularity to 16384" when you made the audio .wem?



What Wwise are you using?


Try to use 2013 version (you can download from Wwise website) and make .wem again.  Make sure it goes 16384.

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Great! It work!  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:  :clap: 

Need selected "Green Day - American Idiot - 258366" option too, not the standart "50's song pack - 369797"  (I think here are my other error)... 

Now, the guitar volume is very very low... The tone volume are on 0dB, can be a botched tone...
Program a new tone (in game), but don't know how export it to add on the CDLC.

EDIT: Ah, it don't work so a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or real mixer...
A lower value equivalent a louder guitar sound - think determine a kind of start point to the effect.

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