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i always was logged in and didn't have this problem before (i always use Internet Explorer).

yesterday i used CCleaner on my computer after a long time i didn't use, then i had to log in again.

after i did it when i try to enter CDLC IGNITION it asks me to sign in, i do it, but it takes me to the home page, then i try to enter and it happens again...log out and in didn't help.

i tried to enter with Google Chrome and it works, but i prefer to stay in Internet Explorer...

i don't want much do use CCleaner again because everytime i use it it messing my favourites' places/order.

please help me to fix this.



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@@DanPro777 and @@badboy3877 and @@kona :
First there's a contact page for issue you want us to notice : http://customsforge.com/page/support.html Understand that it's hard to keep track of all the forum post and we have limited time and man power to deal with everything.
Secondly, there's already tone of subject about it in the support part of the forum http://customsforge.com/forum/151-new-customsforge-support-forums/ and the most common advice we can give without knowing any specific is the following :

If you're unable to login to ignition (The CDLC Search) please make sure to do the following:

Use a browser such as Chrome and Firefox. (IE & Edge is not supported at the time).
Try logging out and back in, then try visiting http://ignition.customsforge.com
Clearing your Browser Cache.
Using a tool such as CCleaner to remove all cookies from your browser.
Try Incognito Mode to see if it works there
Try another device, such as your cell phone to see if it works there.

We're sorry that Edge and IE aren't supported but it's due to how those browser handle the cookie that indicate if you're logged in or not, it's hard to correct but we're aware of this issue and doing our best.

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