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Test - Nirvana Endless Nameless


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So I'm roughly 60% done tabbing this song.

I noticed in the the chords with bends, when I would play it, it would only count when I strummed the chords, not when I strummed the bends. I just wanted to know if it was like that for other people, or if I just sucked at bends and it wasn't picking it up. (Is this a bug? any way to fix it?)


Also I wanna know if the chord sounds better as the second picture, which I have tabbed for the whole song. But I originally had it as the first picture. So I wanna know what other people think the chord is.


Heres the DL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5KAhGdFkx_5Skd4VEZvX2dHUHc/view?usp=sharing

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Just tried it


Got a lot of misses on the bends, but it's expected.  If you play it as you hear the song it's more of a slow gradual bend for each chord.  Check the tech notes tutorial for how to change bend strength and charting regular bends vs prebends.  Honestly, it would be a lot of work and Rocksmith isn't perfect at quick bends anyways so it's probably not worth the effort.


A "cheating" shortcut would be to apply the ignore status which disables the onscreen MISS message.  Or better yet, accept the miss!  It's ok, Kurt isn't really playing in tune anyways and it's more about making noise.


As for choosing one of those chords, this guy

who seems to have put some time in the song is playing with flatted fifths on the G and B string.  It makes sense for such a chaotic song.


On a related note, this song is one of the few examples where you'd get a cleaner chart selecting "Don't auto-name double stops" in the F11 menu.

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Nice, i will dust off my Guitar when this one is done...

Backup CDLC link ^^ - should list even the ones that got removed for inactive links...
just restored my ability to login again, so will try to slowly resubmit the missing ones...
and hoping to make a small come-back with some new CDLC ideas...

YAMAHA 4-String 24 Frets - D Standard -> C Standard & D Drop C...

ASHTON - 4-String 21 Frets, E Standard, Drop D, Half-Step Down (Nirvana)...

Phoenix? - BASS 21-22 Frets? - 4-in-line Headstock...

Les Paul Special II - Guitar 

After-market Tremolo Bridge + head-stock locking nut thingys --- Free 1994-ish Guitar =   🙂

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