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Tone issues and save unfretted slides issues


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I'm a bit bummed trying to get a CDLC in acceptable state to submit, Right now, I have two problems:


1) Whenever I export, I get a warning about slides that don't have an ending note, and it will slide up one note. The problem is that I went through all of such slides in EOF to add an unfretted slide (using Ctrl-U) and still, I get this error. In the generated file, all of my unfretted slides have disappeared. So I have to redo them; :( I'm using the latest version (Jun 19). What am I not understanding?


2) My tone sounds far away and muted. I modified it in RS. Then I went to the tone and put the same parameters in Custom Song Tool Creator, but the tone still sound muted and far away. What did I do incorrectly which prevents the tone from sounding like it does in RS?





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Regarding the slide warnings:  When EOF gives this warning, it seeks to the position of the first note with this problem.  You should then be able to cancel the save and modify the note to resolve the issue.  Adding an unpitched slide to a note with a pitched slide wouldn't make the error go away, and if a note has both slide types, the error is given and only the unpitched slide will export anyway.  If you can provide the EOF project file I can indicate where the problematic notes are.

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As for the tones, just use a tone from a song you like.  The toolkit can import tones directly from .psarcs, including official dlc.


By all means, mess about with the parameters once you are close to the intended goal, but just get in the correct park first :D

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