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Help Getting Set Up With CDLC on a Mac



Decided to buy RockSmith since it was $14.99 and my Xbox 360's drive is toast, so it's kind of unusable even though I purchased it and a bunch of DLC. I'm running into issues with CDLC though.

I am running OS X (10.8.4). Here are the directions that I am following, just to give an idea of what I'm doing. RockSmith is downloaded through Steam.

I've installed RockSmith on a secondary disk drive, but created a symbolic link called 'Steam' in /Library/Application Support/ that resolves to the installation directory, so as far as my Mac knows, it's installed in the correct directory.

  • Installed RockSmith
  • Downloaded RSInjector
  • Downloaded and installed Mono framework
  • Copied the RockSmith.app and RSInjector.app files into a folder that I created named 'RockSmith' in my Applications
  • If I launch RSInjector from the folder I created in /Applications/, nothing will open. That's probably fine though, because if I open RockSmith.app from the same folder, it will crash. I'm presuming that it can't find the dependent files and freaks out.
  • I copied RSInjector into the Steam directory where RockSmith is installed and nothing happens when I launch the game by clicking on RSInjector either. If I launch RockSmith.App by itself from the install directory, the game will start.

I suspect this second part of the problem is due to RSInjector not launching RockSmith. I have purchased DLC through steam to enable the use of CDLC. After I added custom CDLC into the /RockSmith2014/dlc/ folder, RockSmith will enumerate it and I can see the CDLC content, hear the previews, etc... but one of the following things will happen when I try to play:

  • RockSmith will become unresponsive on the song selection screen after I hit return (enter) to pick a song, or
  • RockSmith will allow the tune, and then will not proceed past the backsplash of the screen with the speakers

RockSmith will play bundled songs without an issue though.

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Mac user via Steam here.


To get CDLC to run, I have to copy the "blah"_m.psarc file to the following location.  Before I got my own CDLC running, I downloaded the CDLC of others, had to use Rocksmith Toolkit's converter to turn the "blah"_p.psarc into "blah"_m.psarc


/Users/YOURNAMEHERE/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Rocksmith2014/dlc


The alias I created on my "desktop" points here. 

/Users/YOURNAMEHERE/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Rocksmith2014/RSInjector.app


Generally I've found the toolkit a bit flakey on OSX....prone to falling over for no particularly good reason.  A restart of the Toolkit frequently clears up any problem.


After adding new CDLC, I restart Steam, wait for 30 seconds, then use the RSInjector, again moving slowly to do so, as moving fast seems to mean that much of the CDLC content does not appear in the list of songs.  


I gave "working offline" a go this afternoon to see what effect this has....it mainly seemed to prevent new CDLC from appearing.


Ninja edit...For the Wwise step converting to .wem files, I used a PC, as I had well & truly had enough of trying to do things on OSX byt that stage.

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Thanks for the input.


I downloaded a _p.psarc file and used the toolkit to convert to Mac, but unfortunately have the same problem - I'll tune and then it will proceed to the screen with the speakers and go no further.

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