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I apparently suck at syncing...


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So, first time trying to do this, only really doing it because I really want to play Great Southern Trendkill. Probably a bad song to try for the first time since the waveform is just a mass of green from top to bottom. I'm really not sure what i'm doing wrong with it though. I've slowed it down to a snails pace and i've got the first set of rests set with the music but it loses sync mid bar and well frankly i don't know how to fix it, i'm going to try that autosync program a few of the tutorials have talked about, but playing the tab through tux penguin it sounds right, but when its in EOF it definitely does not. Is there a way to insert a rest into the tab or maybe grab the rest of the notes as a group and move them down so that it syncs again? tried playing with the bpm for that part but that hasn't gotten me anywhere yet either. 

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You almost never want to click and drag several notes to re-sync them in EOF.  If the entire song loses sync, you want to instead click and drag a beat marker (-->) and move it to where it syncs up.  By default, EOF will move the notes accordingly.

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What GP file did you use?


If it's the 38KB .gp3 from UG then it's 3 star for a reason (it looks a bit of a mess tbh).  I can't view the .gpx version just now (on wrong pc) but usually someone just takes an existing .gp3 or .gp5 and "converts" it to .gpx


Sometimes, you do get a real nice .gpx though so I will have a look later.



Anyway, all of the other GP files of the song on UG have alternating tempos (124 sometimes, and 224 others) whereas the one I think you are using does not.  This may account for the difficulties you describe in the other thread about your problems on this song.


Also, different GP files describe different tuning.  So that will also be a problem when you get that far...  which tuning is it???  Probably C# Standard (A438) :lol:




You did pick a belter for your first custom.  The maxed out audio graph certainly won't help and I would not consider the available GP files to be anywhere near high quality.  A lot (I mean a LOT) of troubleshooting would be required to turn that into a nicely working custom.


The .gpx may well be miles better though.  Did you mention you had Tux Guitar?  I think that can convert .gpx to .gp5 (EoF needs .gp5 or older).


Maybe give that a crack.

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yeah mine is the gp3. i searched around a lot for a gpx file of the song but the only things i could find were amazon and ebay links if you happen  to have it I would love to get a copy, if its possible to post them on here cool if not and you have it please send to kreamkorn420@gmail Appreciate ya

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You can get it here




or here is a GP5 export of it (EoF needs GP5 or earlier)





I have to say man, this is one complicated song.  I've made 300 customs and this would make me scratch my head at how to get some of the techniques into the game.  Real mind boggling stuff.



Good luck :D

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