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  1. yeah mine is the gp3. i searched around a lot for a gpx file of the song but the only things i could find were amazon and ebay links if you happen to have it I would love to get a copy, if its possible to post them on here cool if not and you have it please send to kreamkorn420@gmail Appreciate ya
  2. for some reason dragging the beat markers makes my brain melt. but at least for the first song I worked I was able to get it lined up changing BPM during the sustains. Dunno how well that is going to work when i try to do one without as much sustain but thank you for your help
  3. I feel dumb asking all these questions but I can't figure out how to do it..So dragging the beginning measure to sync the opening note, setting the bpm, 3 bars in its out of sync, so i drag that bar down a little, which pushes the measure before that down, pushing it out of sync, move those down then everything else is messed up. I know there's a better way to work that, the bpm is probably wrong or the tab possibly, but the real problem that I'm running into is by the time i've worked 7 bars in the notes are all clustered into one group so instead of 8 notes in a section like the tab has i'v
  4. This is probably the dumbest question you've had on here in a while but I couldn't find the answer on the board even tho its probably already there. Question is in the guitar pro file the tab is split into different parts, how do you get them all into the song? like the one i'm trying to do has "Muted guitar 1" Distortion guitar 1 distortion guitar 2 etc, when I import the tab it wants to overwrite what I already have in there. Thanks in advance for whoever humors my newbidity.
  5. So, first time trying to do this, only really doing it because I really want to play Great Southern Trendkill. Probably a bad song to try for the first time since the waveform is just a mass of green from top to bottom. I'm really not sure what i'm doing wrong with it though. I've slowed it down to a snails pace and i've got the first set of rests set with the music but it loses sync mid bar and well frankly i don't know how to fix it, i'm going to try that autosync program a few of the tutorials have talked about, but playing the tab through tux penguin it sounds right, but when its in EOF it
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