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Wired vs Wireless setup?


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Was just looking for some input on  other players preference, advice and experiences? I have used a wireless system in the past for my bass guitar. Although sound wise I didn't notice any difference in sound quality I did on occasions experience some interference. After about 1 year my system packed in and due to cash flow I reverted back to using my D'addario custom cable which delivers amazing sound quality with no interference. One difference I have made since using my wireless system is upgraded my patch cables for my pedals from D'Addario classic cables to custom cables. I know the custom cables have superior shielding so I don't really know how much difference it might have made to my wireless system regards interference? The one thing I hate about cables is that I am forever standing on them and pulling it out of my bass jack so I am considering buying a wireless system again. Does anyone have any recommendations or should I stick to cables? Unfortunately for the first time in my life I am faced with a very real prospect of being made redundant in the next 4-5 weeks so I wouldn't be looking to spend a mega amount of cash. I am very aware that you get what you pay for and I have always been lucky enough to be in a position to by good quality gear but I just can't justify it at the moment as I have other priorities at the moment so that is why I am asking if there are any good cheap wireless systems out there or better off sticking to cables until I am in a position to buy something of better quality? Thanks in advance for any replies/advice.

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I've been using a Prosound wireless system I bought from Maplin a few years ago.

I've never noticed any lag and the sound quality is brilliant.

And as an added bonus I no longer trip over my cables.


Just checked and it's now down to £59.99.




Hope this helps :)

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