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Flat Performance


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I also tend to stand still a lot. However, when I have more confidence on how good I can play a song (practice helps here, you'll get more feeling with the emotional flows of a song), I tend to move more, and show more expression during playing.

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But the main issue here is how do you feel. Is like you feel like you looked like a lifeless rag doll?

Well this have to do with your aura, karmic fields ,at what grounds are of your spirit.Thing seems pretty gray.

First of all is about not doing anything but how do you feel.

For example if your spiritual mood is  on a positive level no matter how static you are you and the people who surround you would like to see/feel you at that time if by the other way your spirit is on a negative mood the whatever you do you and others would feel pretty uncomfortable around you.

Looks like you spirit is aiming to the void.

This have nothing to do with guitar but on esoteric areas and you need to address that ASAP.

Unfortunately I´m not expert in the matter but you can search over the internet.

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Playing puts me in a good mood, Id say nearly an altered state. I enjoy the rythm feeling the instrument vibrate from strumming feeling the strings while fretting, its enjoyable.


Im comfy with some songs, Ive got 11 over 100% that when I play mastery is at 90% or better, theres another 15 that are in the 90% range that at the end mastery is 90% or better.


When playing alone I sway and sometimes really get into the song, lately Ive been going to a freinds shop and playing out in the garage usually Im alone there but people walk in and out so Im sorta pushing myself outside my confort zone. Ive gone ther eabout 4 times amd this last time, Sunday was good I felt very comfortable playing in front of people.

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As long as you have fun, who cares how you look! You don't need to make a big show to makes other people feels good. Enjoy what you do, smile and be happy, the people that walk by will feel it.

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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