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How do I author a slide in EOF?



I'm still a bit of a novice when it comes to EOF, and even though I've found where the option to insert slides is under Note - Pro Guitar, I can't figure out what to do from there.




Here's my song.  I want the bend to start at the middle pair of notes (The 10 and 7 that aren't sustains) and end at the following notes (11 and 8).  How would I go about doing that, and manually edit the slide's path if neccessary?

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There's a difference between bends and slides.


For a slide up, use CTRL- up arrow, for a slide down use CRTL- down.


Both will prompt you for an end note. You'll see a sloping line on the sustain (and a little symbol beneath).


Bends are the same way (don't remember the command for it -- look in the Note -> Pro Guitar section). There are also ways of doing fancy bends... ask @@cstewart, he's got some wild slides and bends going on in his latest WIP.

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Yeah, it would be different depending on whether it's a bend or slide.  Assuming you mean slide:

  • Select each of the 7/10's, hit N to bring up the note menu and check the linknext box.  This connects the sustains in-game and removes the noteheads so it looks continuous.
  • Select the second 7/10, hit control+up arrow and enter 8 as the end fret.

I think that's it, unless I'm missing something.  If it's a bend it might be a little more complicated, requiring tech notes. Still not too difficult though.  Good luck!

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