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Have to think I´m going to quit.


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After playing for 4 years aprox, spending most of em´ in RS, I probably quit playing guitar completely.

Is not because I dislike RS in fact was so much fun but because I´m suffering of ear deafening and actually RS have increased this issue somehow, now more than I increased my practicing habits.

And I´m into metal and one of those persons who say: "Turn it out loud or don´t turn it at all".

I can´t blame RS completely, I used to hear music and videogames loud decades ago.

At the same time I never mind in that too much, was a combination of it wouldn´t happened to me and I don´t care.


In fact I have a distant relative who I didn´t frequent at all or even know more than from a couple of times who was failed to be a successful musician and my mother always mentioned him of becoming deaf. I didn´t care or think about it at all, again. Burn my mother´s tongue for being right, I don´t believe her completely, she is used to exaggerate stuff always.


I don´t mind it until right now that my right ear is hearing some sort of a buzz or ringing and is somehow annoying.


So my advice for all of you little buddies is that don´t overlook at the issue. It exists and it´s a price that someones pay just for do what they do.

For now I´m not wearing ear protection ,I not used to and always forget to do it so and not turning down volume , maybe I must change to acoustic? Nah, I don´t want to know abuit it for now.

But have to say that playing guitar was so much fun, PANTERAAAA!!!!!!!! (headbanging).

I don´t think that there´s 100 percent that I wouldn´t play again ,but it´s very probable.

See ya! :D









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It's entirely up to you, but I'm not sure why you would give up playing guitar entirely because of that? I assume you'll still listen to music, watch tv? So what's the difference in actually playing music or just listening to music? I find it very strange you would throw away 4 years of playing music, something you clearly enjoy and put a lot of time and effort in.

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I have had ringing in my right ear for decades and it hasn't gotten worse since playing guitar. I do not play it at full volume however and I still enjoy it. I like most types of music and Metal is still great at lover volumes, you just have to adjust. You will learn to live with the ringing in the ears, but do not make it worse. I always use hearing protection when using power tools and even when going to a concert. I still feel the loud music so I don't mind a bit. Hang in there and you will be glad you did. Just lower the volume!

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Had a friend that used to laugh at me back in the early 90's when booming car stereos were just becoming a thing, I kept ear plugs in his glovebox and wore em while in his car. He can't hear a thing today. I have had some hearing loss due to age, but hearing is worth protecting.

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