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Placing sections in a song



Hi guys!


     I am trying to place sections in a song that didn't have any.  I am working on this with the author.  It is for the CDLC Queen-A kind of magic.  The author was kind enough to send the xml file.  I went into eof and attempted to place sections(intro, chorus, Etc) to facilitate riff repeater function.  When I hit SHIFT S the window pops up, I have both boxes checked(only 1 version of the song, lead), but it does NOT inset the section.  No red lines delineating the section, no name of the corresponding phrase. Do I need to get my hands on the EOF file?  


 If anyone knows how this is done I would REALLY appreciate ANY advice.  The CDLC is spot on, perfect except for this problem.  I am sure that this will become a very popular CDLC that many will enjoy.


Thank you very much,



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Sorry :(


I thought it could now add sections too.  I never used it :(



I would say that I've never had to but Berneer used it on my Bruce Dickinson custom and said he found the results positive (for adding DD post use).  I would put that custom down to not having learned the resnap function by then, and some notes were milliseconds off the new sections.


Thats my excuse anyway :lol:

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Thanks for all of your input!  I did try the Beat Resync tool, but it gave me computer the willies(virus warnings).  Once I bypassed that, It kept arguing with me about directory file.  I have not been able to get past this issue yet, but I'm a motivated, yet time starved dude.  I see that this tool is still in dev, so  I will keep it up.  As for editing the xml:  I was able to place sections, but the chart is not  in sync, I used what the author sent me, it is a GREAT job as far as the sync.  But it failed to translate into my project.  


As always, I appreciate any feedback that helps our community have a wide selection.





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