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RS1 compatibility pack


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It worked on my laptop and it did show the rs1 compatibility pack.  Not sure why 'Walk This Way' by Aerosmith is not showing up, which is in RS2.  It installed flawlessly on the laptop, so something changed.  I will have to try it again on the pc.  Thanks for the help!


It is still having issues.  First time I did the rescan, it showed ALL of the songs in the RS1 compatibility pack, but when I ran it a second time it shows only ONE,  when I ran it again it is only showing 385 files like it did before,   Then I got an exception error after playing around with it.

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Yes, when I double click on it, I get the little circle (windows busy) and it hangs up file explorer.  I tried it several times, removed old versions and it just hangs, but was fine when I did it on the laptop (windows 10).  Laptop is Intel, pc is AMD if that helps.

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I just wanted to add that I installed the BETA as well. It installed fine (Win7). And I can scroll between the tabs without errors. - I did get an database error in the stable version on the setlist-manager tab, after enabling the RS1 checkbox in settings.


I noticed as well I got to see all the RS1 DLC you can buy. Which, for a moment, made me happy and nervous at the same time. ;) Nervous because I have the steam version and I wouldn't want to be banned, if possible. But a quick check by starting the game learned that I did not miraculously got all the RS1 DLC without buying. Just the +\- 50 songs from RS1 (ok, and the Allman brothers a Lynyrd Skynyrd :v:).


After which I strolled through the tabs, ending at settings. And noticed, that - now with this fresh BETA install - the "include RS1 compatibility pack" checkbox was not even checked!


Checked it. And ctrl + complete scan. Still get all the buyable (not by me) RS1 DLC.


But as I understand the song manager is just reading an index file of some sort witch simply includes this whole list. Because tough they're enabled, they don't seem to mess up anything as they don't appear in my game.


Anyhow, no need for me to worry. I just do without the RS1. Uncheck box. No songs I don't want to play there so. I was initially just curious as well why my RS1 songs didn't pop up at first.


Excuse me for bringing up an old topic.





PS What's up with these smilies? I was looking for an oldschool rock and roll one but all I see is a sad kitty and horrible smooth ones. Am I getting old?

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