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Real Tone Cable Rubbish!



Hello people, first time poster.


I have been using RS14 on my mac without any issues for over a year now. Last night I thought I would have a session, started up the game, logged into my play account and got to the main menu. 


The problem is when the connected guitar registered an ungodly noise started. The animated speakers on the main menu were buzzing away like the strings were being scratched at yet I hadn't picked up the guitar from the stand yet. Now this isn't the static sound most people have complained about in the past, this was a loud scratching, like a very drunk steven vai.


My guitar volume was turned up, the connections seemed fine. Holding the strings seems to dull the noise...only slightly. I checked the pickups for dirt or grime, restarted RS 3 times, changed USB ports, tried to calibrate, noticed the quick tuner in the corner was going off tap. Nothing seemed to fix it.


I shut down RS and opened up my sound settings in system prefs. Selected the tone cable and saw the the volume bar was flickering like the computer was receiving input from the guitar. 


I unplugged the guitar and yep...still sound flickered. Thats when I thought the cable was the cause. Disconnecting the break away section (while the small section still in the USB) the flickering stopped. So now I'm suspecting the issue is in the proprietary chip imbedded in the cable.


If rocksmith is going to force us to use a their cable, why can't they make sure it isn't rubbish!


So it looks like i'll be shelling out another $50 for the cable here in Australia.


I've seen people like myself complain about the cables quality, I'm shocked a clever person hasn't developed a patch to remove the need to use these crappy cables.


If someone has, please I would love a patch for the mac.




After paying out on the cable, I started up the old xbox 360 and tested the RS14 version with the cable. Works perfectly fine. So it's the mac. How? why? Just shoot me now. At least i didn't throw away 50 bucks for another cable.




WELL.....after posting my update, i decided to give it one more go on the mac. Started up RS14 without the cable plugged in, main menu...plugged in the cable and yyyyeeerrrrpppp. Nothing wrong with it.


I have spent the past 24 hours troubleshooting a problem that appeared out of thin air and disappear as easily.



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