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Problem with Note Tails


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I'm having issues with single note tails. There's no note tails in EoF, but in game all the single notes have tails and it makes the readability a little hard. Here's a few pics:






In Game:



Any help is appreciated. :D

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Sometimes short note tails can "hide" under the circle for the note head (this leaves open the question of why 16th notes would gain note tails in the first place!). I think I actually see some note tails in EoF on the yellow 7s that precede the blue 5s in measures 3 and 5. If you use a different zoom (I mostly edit in 1/4 zoom) you may be able to see them better.


A simple test you could do would be to select measures 3 and 4 and reduce sustain length a ways (until it's definitely 0), then compare what results with what you see in measure 5 and 6.


If this is on almost every short note, I guess you'd then want to reduce their sustains without reducing the sustains of things that should actually sustain. Not sure if there's an easy way to do that, though.

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Especially in EOF window sizes larger than 648x480, the note head (the circle) can hide the note tail. With a small grid snap like 1/24 this could certainly happen when the chart is zoomed out all the way. Like @@albatross213 mentioned, you can try selecting notes that aren't supposed to be sustained and use [ or scroll down on the mouse scroll wheel to see if the chart is marked as modified (indicating at least one note's length was shortened), or you can click on a note and the information panel will indicate what the selected note's length is.


As far as how to automatically select short notes, there is a function in Edit>Selection to select notes in the active track difficulty that are shorter than a particular length (in milliseconds), but it may be safest to just use SHIFT+click to select ranges of notes manually. That way you can be sure that notes that should remain sustained are not shortened.


There is an option in File>Preferences to make all newly-added notes (regardless of what grid snap is in effect) have the minimum length of 1ms as a default, and making longer notes requires explicitly adding sustain by using ] or the scroll wheel.

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