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Coloring Notes (looking for program)


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Anyone know a tabblature program for guitar or plugin that gives you the option to color in notes? (specifically, use a custom colors for every note)


Currently I'm using MuseScore 2 to do this but the problem is, making tabblature and importing from guitar pro is not optimal, as it's not a program for guitar tabblature so it's missing several guitar techniques.


And afterwards editing every note with color myself is fairly tedious. So if anyone would know a program that can do this I would greatly appreciate it.




Example of what I would like



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I'm assuming youre using the colored notes plugin for musescore?

A quick googling brought up Chroma-Notes LLC, which...not only is it on hold, but very pricey, but is exactly what you're looking for.








Yay, relevant info out of the way, now my real ansnwer, Mario Music Maker :D

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Many nice scores on all songs :)

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Yup I'm using the plugin but I changed the colors to  the correct pattern he linked to, because some of them where off.


The Chroma-notes program looks very pricy for what it does. I don't think it offers a lot more than what you can do in MuseScore for free, as it looks like it also has no guitar support. Also looks like the color sheme is tied to chroma scale so probably no customisation there. 


The only problem with, for example MuseScore, is that the with most tabs (for guitar) there seems to be no benefit of completely copying a tab and having to deal with the limitations, compared to just going into a paint program and color the notes one by one on the original tab. It's an ok program for making some basic lessons etc but besides that it feels too limiting for guitar tabs.

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A while ago i did this, it's a semi translucent .png to put on any .pdf tabs (needs to be resized & copy/paste)

it's not what you're looking for but it may be usefull/give ideas for someone else:





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Thanks it worked now. I was thinking of doing something similar like that. But since I would have to adjust it for every page anyway I'll probably just stick with coloring notes myself, I'll probably learn a bit more with that method than just using an overlay

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@@ikwtif Originally i got 2 different sizes/ratio templates, (as some have more or less space between the 6 horizontal lines) Here's the 2nd:



I'm using foxit reader:


Under image annotation:



select the destination area, browse to the .png, resize it to fit the beginning of the partition & just copy/paste.

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