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Game has trouble registering F and F# on bass



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Make sure you crank your volumes all the way up on your bass and calibrate it within Rocksmith.  Helps a little but i've found there's not a whole lot you can do, Rocksmith just doesn't do well on some of the bass tones.  I've got a bunch of downtuned deftones songs etc. that I can't ever break 70 or 80% on because it just doesn't recognize the notes even though I'm hitting them.  

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Hmmm, A few questions, but few answers


Are you fretting too hard and pulling the notes sharp?


Are you accidentally bending the string sharp?


Is you bass properly intonated? EDIT-proper set-up? including neck relief, string height, nut height, saddle height, etc.


If you go into Riff Repeater, there is a live tuner in the bottom left corner.  You could play the F and F# and look at the reading to see if you are sharp or flat and then adjust your tuning to the "least worst" compromise

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