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Locked Customforge Setlist Manager


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I already had several cldlc songs in different maps (inside the cdlc folder) to keep things a bit organised. Now, I wanted to try the setlist manager and the program imported the maps with songs as seperate setlists automatically, but when I try to disable them they still load ingame.


(All the songs in the "DLC songs" list have the yellow background and I read the color should be red)


I can disable a setlist (shows NO for enabled), wich clears the "SetlistSongs" .

But when I switch to a random other setlist and come back to the disabled one, all the songs are back in the "SetlistSongs" 



Do I have to manually remake all these setlists for every song? or is there a place/file I could quickly fix this

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  • Developer

I suggest that you wait for CFM before attempting to use SetlistManager.  The current version is just too buggy. 


Also, if you previously attempted to disable any CDLC on your own, you should re enable them all before using SetlistManager so that the CFM enable/disabled naming protocol can be applied successfully.

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How this tool work with disable/enable a songs? How it marked in tool that a song is disabled?

And how work with list, too folders? Can i to have disabled(in tool) duplicate?

I use great tool Roadie, i have a lot folder(lists) which have disabled duplicate of songs. An example "E standart" + "all Muse".

And then enable which i want to play.

In this CF tool showed all disabled a songs how duplicated, this is huge list, so i can not remove (or disable) real duplicates, how managed this issue?

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